s.Oliver Junior

Mission clearly understood: with its clean and sporty statement, its easy-to-combine colours and sophisticated details, the collection is perfectly tailored to the needs of adventurous youngsters. Cool and casual for the boys, stylish and chic for the girls – this is what shoe fashion will look like in autumn/winter 2021/22.
Lined long boots and outdoor sneakers are just the thing for forays into nature. Combat boots make for a bold entrance in the schoolyard and Chelseas always love to join in the fun. Light crepe bottoms, higher shafts on the ankle boots and the cream colour in particular create a breath of fresh air.
The integrated TEX Membrane between the upper and lining material makes the shoes not only breathable, but also water and cold repellent at the same time. These functional booties or sneakers are the perfect companions on wet or unpleasant days.
The models with integrated SOFT FOAM sole make walking even more comfortable: The soft foam layer between the cover sole and insole, which adapts individually to the shape of the foot, is now standard in all children’s shoes.
The s.Oliver Junior collection is available in the sizes 25 to 39.

Power girls
As if made for small protest marches, the mini Lara Crofts stomp their way through the winter – combat boots with striking profile bottoms are not only way ahead in terms of fashion, but are also perfect for wind and weather. So that it doesn‘t look all that tough, the boots are designed with
child-friendly details. Glitter laces, emojis and patent leather and iridescent surfaces turn a big fight into a little fuss at the drop of a hat.

Chelsea boots have belonged to every child‘s shoe cabinet for many seasons. Why? They can be put on and taken off in a flash without any annoying fasteners. Because more time means more fun and more time on the playground. The typical elastic inserts at the sides offer plenty of freedom in design, so that the elastic band can also take the form of a glitter star or be decorated with rocking studs. Little ladies wear the trendy crocodile look tone-on-tone in the heels of their Chelseas.

Key pieces
• Combat boots
• Chelsea boots
• Mid-cut sneakers

• Black, brown
• Cream, camel
• Bronze, pewter
• Saffron and signal red

• Round and child-friendly

• Matte nappa leather with coarse grain, glitter effects and iridescent surfaces
• Crocodile look
• Patent leather look

• Applications in heart and animal shapes, emojis
• Glitter and logo laces
• Subtle studs and buckles
• Fake fur inserts
• Knitted collars

Walk in the park
Romping, climbing, running – boys rarely sit still and always want to experience something. The right child-friendly footwear is needed for small and big adventures. Bring on the ankle-high outdoor sneakers with trendy knitted collar, integrated TEX Membrane, practical hook-and-loop fastener and/or elastic laces! The chunky soles add the necessary coolness factor.

Key pieces
• Outdoor sneaker

• Black, grey
• Navy
• Cognac
• Khaki
• Light blue and saffron accents

• Round and child-friendly

• Nappa leather, synthetic nappa leather
• Synthetic suede

• Knitted collars
• Colourful laces
• Colour highlights on soles, heels and shafts