s.Oliver RED LABEL Men

Shoes for a unique way of life – under this motto, the new s.Oliver Shoes collection focuses on designs that impress with a mix of comfort and a modern look. A successful mix of sporty sneakers, classic leather shoes and robust boots ensures a perfect work-life balance for the feet. As well as the SO FLEX and SO HYB collection ranges, this season s.Oliver also impresses with its new SO MOTION product line, which equips comfortable slip-ons and lace-ups with removable foam soles.

With the SO FLEX product line, s.Oliver combines classic leather shoes with flexible soles under the motto “flexibility redefined”. The excellent sales figures have inspired s.Oliver to expand the collection. A large selection of Chelseas, elegant lace-ups and monks are now fashionable and comfortable companions for their wearers on long days at the office.

The SO HYB collection has a more urban feel. Low and mid-cut sneakers promise optimum comfort for every occasion. In doing so, sporty soles fuse with classic uppers, creating a modern look within the concept “The Pulse of the City”.

Good things always come in threes: The new SO MOTION technology provides ultimate comfort. Thanks to the removable insole equipped with special memory foam, men will feel like they’re walking on air in their casual leather slip-ons and lace-ups. Optimum air padding and a massage function mean an end to tired feet, even after a long day.

Nature fans will also find their ideal shoes. Sneakers with robust hiking uppers and sporty outsoles dominate the new collection. Decorations like eyelets, hooks and eyes deliver the typical outdoor character. Inspired by the oversized shapes seen in clothing at the moment, the shoes add some fashionable volume to the feet. Casual lace-up boots with a clean upper and a striking profiled sole are ideal for withstanding even the worst winter weather and complete the selection for rugged types.

The most important factors in the choice of materials are “clean” and “soft”. That is why the collection includes soft nubuck leather and finest nappa leather, especially in the SO FLEX and SO MOTION lines. To highlight the characteristics of the hiking styles, the boots are made from robust leather. Colourful seams and laces provide the perfect street style. The s.Oliver branding has been updated, making a statement with a contemporary design.

When it comes to colours, basics like black and brown remain strong, especially in classic shoes. Sneakers, too, are kept in wintery natural shades, combined with strong accent colours like red, white and ice blue. High-contract patterns add extra dynamics to the sporty models.

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